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There's a large and growing gap today between buyers and sellers through which opportunities are being lost by both. Value-minded buyers want to hear one thing. Sales-minded sellers insist on telling them something else. Frustrated and skeptical, the buyer ignores whatever value the vendor might represent, especially an unfamiliar vendor. Buyers don't have the time to translate marketing pitches into their own language of value. 


TDN's Vendor Screening Service™ closes this gap. It preserves the possibility of a mutually valuable transaction. How? By equipping the seller with the tools for making a more relevant value proposition: translating it into the language of the buyer.. 


While eliminating unsolicited sales inquires, TDN represents buyers who prefer quantified value propositions. These buyers know the difference between a sales pitch directed at them and a value proposition designed for them. And they will respond only to those propositions that reflect and convey the ability of the seller to deliver. 


TDN's nationwide consortium of experts in 13 locations stand ready to ensure that the seller's value proposition continually meets those buyers' ever-changing needs.